Case study

Building a Modern SharePoint Intranet


Building a modern SharePoint intranet is an ongoing process. It’s essential to continuously evolve and adapt to the changing needs of your organization and technology landscape. But sometimes even the latest technology is suitable for everyone and specially where technical team is in short supply. 

An agricultural client wanted to build the modern intranet to collaborate with employees but even with SharePoint Online it was challenging to get things the way they wanted.

The Issue

Client faced following issues with the SharePoint Online intranet:

  1. Poor information discoverability
  2. Not straight forward to define the structure of content
  3. Difficult in achieving personalization
  4. Low employee engagement due to static pages
  5. Difficulty in finding Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Technical Challenges

Our team proposed two different approaches to build Intranet from ground up:

  1. Use 3rd Party paid software that will give head start and low maintenance cost for the long run.
  2. Custom SharePoint Framework web parts to meet specific needs.


The Aim: A successful and user friendly modern intranet with responsive design that will work well with SharePoint App in mobile Phones. The editor can be managing content in back end and front should handle the data in desired UI.

The Process: After several different third party trials Client and we were satisfied with ShortPoint solution which was cost effective meets the client needs.

The following steps were undertaken:

  1. Setup the ShortPoint tool on DEV site and explored all the possible features.
  2. Presented the well designed mock-up of Intranet using existing site structure.
  3. Once Approved, the scope and requirements were defined with client and timeline was set
  4. Every week the work done was presented to client and after confirmation the features went live
  5. Once all the Intranet was ready, the older intranet site was redirected to new one

Once all the intranet was successfully build, a post support was also provided for the next 2 weeks.

Product & Technologies

  • ShortPoint Tool
  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint Rest API’s
  • Powershell
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