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Power Platform Services

Microsoft Power Platform offers a range of services and tools to empower organizations to benefit from intelligent automation, low-code apps and data-driven insights in a unified environment.Leverage our Power Platform competency to reduce costs & accelerate innovation with low-code development.We help you accelerate your business performance to generate desired outcomes in a low-code environment.

Power Apps

We specialize in designing, constructing, and deploying custom applications that are perfectly aligned with your business requirements.

Power Automate

Unlock business growth with our expertise in Power Automate, which allows us to automate repetitive workflows to free up your employees, enabling them to concentrate on essential tasks.

Power BI

Unleash the potential of data insights and propel your growth with tailor-made dashboards and reports crafted by our team of experts. These tools enable you to make well-informed crucial decision for business success.

Power Pages

We can help you build secure, data-centric, and low-code websites that allow external users to interact within Microsoft Dataverse.


Dataverse is a versatile tool that enables businesses to create custom applications, automate processes, and generate meaningful insights from their data, ultimately driving efficiency and productivity.

AI Builder

AI Builder enables organizations to a user-friendly and accessible way to harness the power of artificial intelligence.

Simplify business processes


We’re dedicated to speeding up innovation by harnessing the capabilities of Microsoft Power Platform to craft intelligent, low-code, and cross-platform solutions. 

With extensive experience as early adopters and seasoned experts in Power Platform technology, we possess the knowledge and expertise to help you construct robust and scalable solutions. Our approach leverages the strengths of the Power Platform suite, including:

  • Custom tailored-made business process with engaging user experiences using with Power Apps
  • The automation capabilities of Power Automate
  • Data visualization proficiency using Power BI
  • Implementing AI-powered chatbots through Power Virtual Agent

Our Microsoft Power Platform consulting and development services extend to seamless design and low-code development, enabling you to construct data-centric and outward-facing business websites on Microsoft Power Pages. As a dedicated Power Platform consulting company, we capitalize on the integration capabilities of Power Platform Suite, seamlessly connecting with Microsoft 365, Azure, and a multitude of other apps. Our team empowers you to analyze data, expand business intelligence, and automate processes, all aimed at enhancing the customer experience.

For Organizations Without In-House Power Platform Admin Expertise.

Power Platform administration and management:

  1. New Environment Requests: Facilitating the creation of new Power Platform environments tailored to specific needs or projects within the organization.

  2. New Archive Request: Managing the archiving of environments, apps, or data in compliance with organizational policies or to free up resources.

  3. Flow Health Check: Conducting regular assessments of Power Platform flows to ensure they are running efficiently and error-free.

  4. Policy & Process Implementation: Implementing governance policies and processes to ensure compliance and security within the Power Platform environment.

  5. Connector Management: Managing connectors used in Power Platform apps and flows, including configuration, security, and updates.

  6. Innovation Backlog Grooming: Prioritizing and managing the backlog of innovative ideas or projects within the Power Platform Center of Excellence (CoE).

  7. Power Platform CoE Upgrades: Upgrading and maintaining the Power Platform Center of Excellence, which includes tools, processes, and governance structures.

These services are essential for organizations looking to effectively manage and maximize the benefits of their Power Platform implementations.

For Organizations with Established Power Platform CoE, Footprint, and Experience

  1. Power Platform CoE Assessment: An evaluation of your organization’s Power Platform Center of Excellence (CoE) to gauge its effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and ensure that it aligns with your business goals.

  2. Power BI Workspace Assessment: An assessment of your Power BI workspaces to ensure they are organized, secure, and optimized for data visualization and analysis.

  3. Power Platform Environments Assessment: An evaluation of your Power Platform environments to assess their configuration, usage, security, and compliance with organizational policies.

  4. Power Automate Assessment: An assessment of your Power Automate workflows and automations to ensure they are efficient, error-free, and aligned with your business processes.

These assessments are crucial for organizations using the Power Platform to maintain the health and effectiveness of their digital solutions.

For Organizations Embracing Innovation and Adoption of Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate with Strategic Governance.

  1. Nurture Components: Activities and strategies for fostering user adoption, training, and support to encourage the effective use of Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate.

  2. Theming Components: Customization of the Power Platform environment, including branding and theming for a consistent user experience.

  3. Application Lifecycle Management Components: Processes and tools for managing the entire application development lifecycle, from design and testing to deployment and maintenance.

  4. Innovation Backlog Components: Management of a backlog of innovative ideas, projects, or features for ongoing improvements and enhancements.

  5. Automation: The use of automation tools and processes to streamline administrative tasks and ensure efficiency in CoE operations.

These components collectively support the development, governance, and continuous improvement of the Power Platform within an organization.

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